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Saturday, May 23rd 2015. | Inspiration, Women

Beach Fashion Beach Time

Beach is a place of many exotic holiday destinations to Favorites. Combined with the edge of the sand waves makes you want to linger long. Need the right preparing for your vacation to the beach becomes very enjoyable? Therefore do not forget to bring sunblock to skin the body especially the facial skin, so skin not burnt as a result of sunburn. The second pair of glasses to ward off the dazzling sight of sunlight, especially in the afternoon. Sunglasses you can use when you’re sunbathing or playing. Next bring slippers due to walks on the beach using a light sandal made Footfall. Sand will not slip between the sidelines away with his foot. Don’t forget your favorite shirt. And a camera to capture the moment of your vacation. After setting up all the equipment that will be taken, further provide that a medium-sized bag, which is convenient to carry anywhere. So where is your next trip?

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