Nail Sculpture Trends 2017

Saturday, April 8th 2017. | Nail Art Trend, Women

Nail Sculpture Nail Sculpture Trends 2017

Nail Sculpture is a nail art which combines nail extensions, manicure, layering and use of accessories. A nail artist named Sarah Nguyen, succeeded in creating a new step in the world of nail art. Nail art is indeed something unique, since it is a complementary part of the fashion, beauty, lifestyle with elements of art. Because of that, Sarah seems not disinclined to seek new forms of outside impression cute which is often attached to the papers nail art. With the use of various accessories that support, he succeeded in creating the impression of luxury while strong on Nail Sculpture. Sarah seemed to be against the current trend of popular nail polish ‘ detox ‘ which flourished in the runway spring 2017 and then with the work of Nail Sculpture. Despite his creation this time belongs to quite complicated, but for him however a nail art both simple as well as complex remains an expensive jewellery that is needed by everyone.

Nail Sculpture Trends 2017 Nail Sculpture Trends 2017 Nail Sculpture 2017 Nail Sculpture Trends 2017

source image : elle

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